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Where to Store Data: Cloud Storage in US versus Canada

Since the inception of cloud storage, there has been a growing fear among users with regard to the security of their private data. Cloud storage takes away some of the control users have over management and access to their data. Data stored in the cloud is subject to various privacy laws which the user may want to know beforehand. Additionally, cloud storage services differ from each other in terms of quality, added solutions and overall value to users. This is the case when it comes to cloud storage services in the US versus those in Canada.

Read on below to find out more about the main differences between cloud storage providers in these two countries.

Data Privacy

When it comes to choosing where to store your data, between the US and Canadian based cloud storage providers, data privacy laws are among the most important considerations to keep in mind. It is important to note that most cloud storage users are highly concerned about the privacy of their data. US data privacy laws have in the past been seen to invade on the privacy of users, especially after reports emerged that the NSA was accessing user data stored by US based cloud providers. On the other hand, Canadian data privacy laws are seen as more stringent and better at ensuring that the same is protected from unwarranted access.

The main factor to keep in mind here is that the geographic location of the data is not as important as the residence of the custodian. This has been seen in judicial decisions compelling US companies to supply private user data stored in other parts of the world, outside the country.

Cloud Service Providers

The US is the origin of cloud computing and cloud storage services. Since then, many other companies have picked up the services offering them all around the world. Most of the popular cloud storage companies are US based as compared to the 20 or so Canadian companies. As such, users, especially private users are more likely to find more variety when looking for a suitable cloud storage provider by searching for US based companies including Google Drive and Dropbox among others. Most of the Canadian cloud storage providers focus on providing business oriented services leaving a large part of market made up of private users unattended to.

Integrated Solutions

Cloud storage is not simply about transferring data from your computer to the cloud. It involves managing, sharing and syncing the data to provide more value to clients. This brings in the need for functional cloud storage solutions that help manage data to meet user needs, whether personal or for business. US cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Microsoft also offer users access to additional data management solutions. Although, Canadian cloud storage providers also offer various solutions, these are not as advanced.

The US cloud storage market has grown exponentially over the last few years with only data privacy issues posing the biggest threat. On the other hand, the Canadian cloud storage industry is still considered to be largely underdeveloped.

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