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Warning Signs for your Hard Disk

Sign 1: Noises – Usually a hard drive is supposed to work quitely. In case you are noticing more strange noises coming from your laptop or computer try to understand if this is the hard drive or something else. Usually the fan is the loudest part so when sounds like clicking or grinding appearing your hard drive might be in trouble. Don’t panic rightaway because hard drives often live long and don’t fail instantly. But when hear warning sign don’t ignore them either and at least make sure you have backups of all important data.

Sign 2: Freezes – Often any computer freeze will be blamed on the operating system (d**mn MS…) but this is not always the case. In case a hard disk is in trouble a computer freeze can also occur. You can quickly know what is the cause by upgrading to a new operating system, when the freezes still occur it is most likely a physical problem and you may need to replace your hard disk.

Sign 3: Slow – Working with Windows XP and Windows Vista you were probably used to the fact that pc’s and laptops become slower over time. The system regisry became more full and the computer slowed down. However in Windows 7 this issue is causing a lot less problems. When you however have a very sudden drop in operating speed this might not be Bill Gates to blame. You have to consider the fact that your hard drive is the cause of it as well.

Sign 4: Crash – Finally the 4th warning sign is computer crashes. While most crashes are really to blame the operating system for it might also be caused by a bad hard drive. Another frequent cause of crashes is an overheated system. Is your computer always crashing when you are playing high-res movies? This is probably due to an overheated system.

Do you want to know more about the current status of your hard disk? We recommend you to download the Free HDD Health software. It can help you predict if and when your hard disk might fail.

In case your hard disk is not 100% healthy we always advice you to make a backup. Whether you use an external USB disk or one of our recommended Online Backup Services, the most important thing is that you minimze the amount of damage you will undergo in case of a hard disk crash.
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