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Understanding Security Related to Cloud Solutions

No matter what type of technology solution we’re talking about, if it has to do with the Internet, then security is always going to be a major concern. Cybercrimes continue to occur at an ever increasing rate meaning you have to be on your guard 24/7 where your company’s online presence is concerned. Despite its many advantages, people seem to be especially apprehensive about their safety when cloud solutions are involved. This is an important topic to look into and understand before proceeding with this popular asset.

Are Fears Concerning Cloud Solutions Well-Founded?

Let’s start with probably the most basic concept we could cover, though it’s no less important. Is safety really a major issue when it comes to using the cloud?

On the one hand, yes. As we just covered, the Internet is not lacking for criminals, so you’d be smart to always keep your guard up. On the other hand, most concerns that deal with cloud security are due to a lack of information. For example, everyone remembers the Home Depot and Target breaches that happened a few years ago and which resulted in countless customers getting their credit card information stolen.

While those were definitely huge security breaches, it’s not fair to blame the cloud for it. It wasn’t the infrastructure that was the weak link but rather the third-parties running those servers that had weak login credentials. This is an extremely important point to understand. Even something as powerful and potent as the cloud can fall apart if people aren’t using it wisely. The same can be said for, say, email though. That doesn’t mean you should completely ignore its potential advantages.

Security Is a CSP Issue

Instead of losing the benefits of using cloud solutions, simply be smarter about the companies you trust for this type of thing. Just like some companies are better at making the same type of software, one CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) is going to be much better at giving you cloud services than another.

Obviously, encryption cannot be overemphasized enough. These days, any time information is going to be passed along online, it absolutely must be encrypted. Otherwise, sadly, you have to expect that someone will make an attempt at stealing it.

Keep in mind that when we talk about cloud-related encryption, we’re talking about doing it at the local level too. A lot of popular CSPs—namely, Dropbox—only provide encryption on their own servers. They don’t, however, encrypt data locally. This leaves a gaping vulnerability that cyber criminals would love to take advantage of.

Handling Security on Your Own

Furthermore, there’s really only so much you can expect a CSP to provide in terms of security too. You also need to make sure that you have effective security measures in place and that your people are trained in on and accountable for using them.

If you decide to go with a CSP that doesn’t provide you with local encryption, you need to make that a priority yourself by obtaining the necessary software.

Then you should establish security guidelines so your own people don’t become the weak leak. This can be anything from the types of passwords people need to be using (even going with multifactor authentication or MFA) to industry specific security standards you have to introduce. Something as simple as a phishing scam could be the reason your cloud infrastructure becomes compromised simply because people don’t know any better.

There is nothing intrinsically unsafe about using the cloud. The fact that it continues to grow in popularity despite the numerous threats out there should actually speak to how effective it is for a number of business purposes. Still, keeping your cloud infrastructure safe is an important part of the battle.
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