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Storing Your Data in Cloud Services in US versus UK

As the world turns to digital storage of data and information, the need for additional storage space is ever increasing. Cloud storage has now become the norm in the UK, with more and more of the population going for it, abandoning traditional forms of digital storage. As the UK market grows, more and more cloud storage providers are cropping up offering local storage in competition with larger US multinationals which are leading the global industry. This has worked to provide users with a wider choice of options as compared to a few years back.

Below we will look at some of the factors users should consider when it comes to choosing whether to store their data with US or UK cloud storage providers.


One of the main considerations to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a cloud storage provider is their pricing policy. Cloud storage is supposed to be cheaper than other traditional digital storage methods. In the UK, there have been cases of cloud storage providers taking advantage of unsuspecting users by luring them in with attractive trial or free offers only to change things later.

On the other hand, when it comes to US cloud storage providers, the pricing structures tend to be more transparent. Users can be sure that the prices they see before signing up are maintained, while any changes will be according to legal provisions governing the same. This is because multi nationals are subjected to a lot more scrutiny.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is an essential part of cloud storage. With personal users and businesses all concerned about keeping their data secure and private, choosing a provider that can guarantee the same is invaluable. The US cloud storage providers have suffered a lot in the past due to reports of unwarranted surveillance by the NSA on data held by these custodians. Additionally, there have been rulings made in the US stating that only the custodian’s base of operations matters when it comes to determining whether data is under US jurisdiction. This simply means that data stored in the UK under a US custodian can be legally acquired by US authorities.

These reports have led to a huge number of the European and specifically, UK clients to withdraw their data from US companies in the past. Local UK providers can guarantee the privacy of user data as per local data privacy laws.

Service Offering

Cloud storage comes with a variety of associated solutions that make management, sharing and syncing of data easy and convenient. In this regard, US cloud providers are ahead of their UK counterparts with different providers offering a variety of solutions to facilitate different operations users may want to carry out on the stored data. The use of desktop clients and mobile device apps that are compatible with a variety of operating systems make the entire exercise much easier and more convenient.

As the UK cloud storage market grows, more and more local service providers are coming up with better solutions targeted at meeting the needs of their users.
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