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Review: SpiderOakONE

General Review

If you’re in the mood for a cloud solution, SpiderOakONE may not be a name you’re familiar with. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should be. Therefore, before you make a decision, take a moment to read the following review and familiarize yourself with this option.


SpiderOakONE has a great user interface, but that comes with an extremely important caveat. Put simply, you’ll probably like it a lot more if you’re someone who really wants to have their hands on the controls, so to speak.

We’re not saying that SpiderOakONE isn’t a good match for those who are completely new to cloud services. What we would say, though, is that those people will definitely need a little more time before they’re completely comfortable with it.

It has an incredibly detailed dashboard, for example, so if you’ve used other cloud services in the past and found them wanting for customization, SpiderOakONE will have you right at home. You’ll love being able to check on the status of your activity and backups, as well as the health of your network. This will be incredibly helpful if it turns out that your router or ISP is actually causing sluggish performance.


SpiderOakONE got some unintended help in the marketing department back in 2015 when Edward Snowden recommended people choose their product over the far more popular Dropbox. According to Snowden, SpiderOakONE was a much more secure option because it provides local encryption.

On top of that, the company also has a “Zero Knowledge” policy which means that your information stays safe even when it’s sitting in place on their servers. Your data will remain encrypted, meaning no one can even see the file or folder names. As SpiderOakONE never keeps your password on file, there is absolutely no way for anyone else to access your data aside from you.

Of course, the flipside is this: if you forget your password, you’re completely out of luck. You can set up a password reminder during the installation, though, so just make sure it’s helpful.


Not all cloud solutions are the same in terms of speed, which may make or break a potential option. Although there are definitely competitors out there that are much slower than SpiderOakONE, the truth is that it’s no altogether that fast.

If you have large amounts of data—especially if it’s a mix of mediums—that you need to upload throughout the day, you’ll probably be better off by choosing another provider.

This is definitely a personal preference though. For some of you, security may be much more important, meaning it’s worth waiting an extra minute or so for that above-standard encryption.


Included with your purchase of SpiderOakONE is their syncing service, Hive. This works a lot like Dropbox’s desktop app. If you’re not familiar with it, basically, the app makes it as simple as dragging and dropping a document whenever you want to share it with others. Sharing files is a bit different with SpiderOakONE though. A system they call ShareRooms is used whereby collaborators are given a unique URL that corresponds to one of these share rooms. Those with access can add files and edit as they please with all changes being immediately saved and viewable to everyone else.


For 2 GB of storage, SpiderOakONE is completely free. However, that ends after 60 days. After that, it’s $7 a month for 30 GB. Personal plans eventually reach $25 a month for five terabytes.

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