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Microsoft OneDrive is a 50 GB online storage product priced at $2.00 per month. Combined with Office365 there is 1 TB of storage included, this starts at $7.00 per month.

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OneDrive Positive user reviews:

  • Simple, clear, consistent interface.
  • Very nice I can get my phot’s as seperate files, something which is not possible at Google Drive.

OneDrive Negative user reviews:

  • Windows 8 desktop mode requires separate installation.
  • Sync errors on a daily basis.

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General Review:

While there’s no doubt that everyone should be investing in some form of online backup solution, if you’re currently in the market, you probably already know that settling on one is a lot harder than it may seem. After all, you have so many options to choose from and the field really is quite diverse.

However, given that it’s made by Microsoft, you may have OneDrive in the lead of this decision-making process. Whether you do or not, though, the following review should hopefully make it a bit easier to make your final choice.

Changes over the Years

For the sake of clarification, it’s worth noting that Microsoft OneDrive has changed a lot over the years. It’s gone by the names FolderShare, Live Mesh and SkyDrive, so know that those titles no longer exist and have all been replaced by OneDrive.

Also, at some point in 2016, the storage limits for OneDrive are going to be downgraded. Still, as far as file-synching and cloud-storage goes, Microsoft is always improving their product.

Work Across Platforms

Despite being a Microsoft product, OneDrive is capable of working across platforms. You can use it on your PC, but also on any Macs as well. It will also work just fine on iOS devices and Android products. While Apple’s iCloud—a direct competitor—will only work on Apple devices, you won’t have that kind of limitation when using OneDrive, which is a major advantage.


Speaking of advantages, another thing to love about using Microsoft OneDrive is just how many features it brings to the table.

For example, online storage access through the web is no problem if this is all you’re looking for. Of course, if you want to replicate a file across PCs, that’s not going to be an issue either. Furthermore, if you use Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or have a Windows smartphone, you can use OneDrive to back up your device settings—including seemingly minor things like your background images and lock-screen. While having all these features is definitely great, we also appreciate that Microsoft organized them really well too. You have various cross-sections you can use to view these features. For example, you can look by client, the type of data or the function.


As we covered above, Microsoft OneDrive is available to anyone who has a Microsoft account. It’s much like Google Drive in that regard. With your account, you’ll get five GB of data for free. This is down from 15 GB which is something that just changed this year. If you use Office 365, you’ll get an extra terabyte for $6.99 a month. You can also add 50 GB—whether you have Office 365 or not—for just $1.99 a month too.

Syncing Everything

While it’s billed as an online backup solution, Microsoft OneDrive can do so much more than just that. You can also use it to sync all kinds of devices. As a “device cloud”, Windows Phones and Windows 10 computers can have their apps and settings easily synced on command.

This is one reason why OneDrive has become so popular with casual users who may not have any aims to use this service for business purposes. You can easily take pictures and then immediately upload them to the cloud. Aside from the fact that this allows others to view them right away, it also ensures that, should anything happen to your device, the photos are still going to be kept safe.

Although there are probably more changes on the horizon, it’s tough to be pessimistic about Microsoft OneDrive. As a backup tool, this solution definitely brings a lot to the table.

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