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For $59.99 a year Amazon Cloud Drive offers an unlimited cloud storage plan.

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The name Amazon is one that really doesn’t need any introduction. Where it once used to be known predominantly for the largest rainforest in the world, now it’s the largest online retailer. Amazon hasn’t stopped at just conquering this one industry, though, and nowadays, they provide a number of other services too. Amongst them is a cloud solution. If you’re in the market for one, Amazon Cloud Drive is worth thinking about, but only after you read the following review.


Even though Amazon is an absolutely huge company, their cloud service is an option that could work for organizations of all sizes. Being that it’s extremely scalable, you can also depend on it to grow with your company as necessary, which is a huge bonus.

Supports All Content

Given the fact that you can stream music and videos right from Amazon, it should probably come as no surprise that their cloud service is equally supportive of all different types of media. Whether it’s documents, photos, music or videos, Amazon Cloud Drive will support them all without any file size limits.

However, the big focus here is clearly on music. The company even launched an MP3 sales solution through their cloud player. That means that not only can you put your entire music library on the Amazon Cloud Drive, but anytime you purchase music from the site, it will be automatically saved to your account.

Lack of Collaboration

One major strike against Amazon Cloud Drive is that while it does support all different kinds of mediums, it is decidedly less helpful where collaboration is concerned. Therefore, while it is definitely big on scalability, even that has its limits.

Furthermore, Amazon Cloud Drive offers no editing capabilities once your documents are uploaded. This is another puzzling factor that we can’t quite figure out. To make changes, the service forces you to download the files to your computer, do them there and then re-upload them when you’re done.

There isn’t a syncing component for your documents either, so you’ll need to do this manually on your own. While it’s not altogether complicated, it still feels a bit tiresome, especially when you consider that this feature is commonplace with just about every other provider.

Mobile Access

As long as the mobile device you use can support Adobe Flash, Amazon Cloud Drive will work with it. The mobile access itself is decent too, but we wouldn’t give it any kind of glowing review.

On top of that, the fact that you can’t use this cloud service with any Windows or iOS device is a big disappointment and will definitely limit how many of you can really consider using Amazon Cloud Drive. You can still access your account through Safari on an iOS device, but the results are far from ideal.


For the most part, you shouldn’t have any major problems using this cloud service. Even if you do, the help and support provided are second-to-none. After all, Amazon will open up their full range of support options.

That being said, some of the interface choices they made seem to have resulted in a clunky design to them. We also think that the entire service is a bit slow. You’ll definitely notice this when you go to upload or download files. The more you do this, the more it will start becoming frustrating.

If you’re a freelancer with clients you collaborate with on a regular basis, Amazon Cloud Drive probably isn’t for you. The same goes for anyone else who needs to support this kind of relationship. However, if you just want a place to store your favorite media so you can access it from the go, this cloud service is worth checking out.

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