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Is JustCloud really the best? (Answer=NO)

The answer is: No, JustCloud is far from the Best Online Storage Provider.

An explanation

While many review and comparison websites claim that JustCloud is the best online storage or cloud storage provider this is actually not true. Then why do so many websites, like, and, place JustCloud at the top of their ranking, saying this is the best storage provider? They do this because they are being compensated for each customer they refer to JustCloud.

Affiliate Marketing

This is done by using affiliate marketing and these websites operate on a commission basis. And while many other cloud companies also provide commissions for referred customers the companies owned by JDI Backup Limited are known for extremely high commissions. In the case of JustCloud this company is offering websites $120 per referred customer. This amount is just as high at the companies ZipCloud and MyPCBackup which are both also owned by JDI Backup Limited. Affiliate Marketing does not have to be a negative thing, however when it comes to cloud providers the level of the commission seems to be dictating the scope of the review.

What is wrong with JustCloud?

This explains why websites like and are ranking JustCloud as their Nr.1 cloud company. However it does not explain what customers don’t like (or even hate) about JustCloud. The user experiences shared on these websites indicate happy customers.

We will look a bit further into what customers really think about JustCloud. When we explore more independent websites like TrusPilot, CNET and PCmag we suddenly find many negative user experiences regarding Justcloud (or Zipcloud).

Recent user reviews at: TrustPilot:

“Twice I have lost all my files on just cloud”

“The first internet service I’ve ever faced which was so easy to enter and so hard to cancel.”

“JustCloud are impossible to get hold of on the phone and awful to deal with via email.”

Recent user reviews at PCMAG:

“…their client was almost virus like on my computer”

“They are nothing but scumbags! Stay away from them!”

“I cancelled my subscription 2! years ago and they charged my credit card again for a cancelled SUBSRIPTION!”

Recent user reviews at CNET: (only reviews Zipcloud as it is the same company and close to same service)

“Never retrieved the files from their cloud storage”

“After the initial upload, the software stopped working.”

Complaints Summary

So it becomes clear that Justcloud (and Zipcloud) leave a trail of unhappy customers. We summarize some of the most frequently heared complaints.

  • Software is not working correctly
  • Customer service is bad
  • Very difficult to cancel subscription

We are very disappointed to see so many unhappy customers that complaint about a service that is still often ranked 1st at multiple review websites. This is really an extreme situation. There is even a website called: which hosts 249 negative user reviews. The fact that someone took the time and effort to create such a website is a clear message. However unfortunately most customers only find this website after they have become a JustCloud customer. While we respect and understand the owners behind we try to give a more balanced perspective at


It is clear that the review websites use either fake reviews or moderate reviews in such a way that only positive reviews get accepted. We have therefor used the ratings from the following three independent websites: TrustPilot, PCMAG and CNET to compile our top ranking at our homepage. In addition to this we included the ratings from the specific apps in Google Play store and the Apple Store. We expect it to be unlikely these two companies would be biased as well.

Together based on these five websites we ranked the cloud storage companies where so far JustCloud is not in the Top 10. Hopefully this will give you an insight in the real user experiences. If you are convinced Justcloud is not the best storage solution you better also avoid: Zipcloud, MyPCBackup and BackupGenieAt the same time you can rank the products at our review pages as well and spread the word that there are (many) other cloud companies out there that offer products and services much better than JustCloud.
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