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How Small Businesses Benefit from Using Online Cloud-Based Storage

Whether you’re looking for lightning-fast collaboration tools both inside and outside your organization, or simply need a secure way to scale your data storage, cloud-based storage options are more attractive than ever for small businesses. As businesses of all sizes move to the cloud for storage, hosted applications and infrastructure, the entry point for these services is often cloud storage as physical servers become more expensive and troublesome to maintain and secure.


Possibly the top-rated reason that users want to move towards cloud storage is for the sake of simplicity. Many key cloud storage application options look exactly like a local file structure—reducing the time it takes users to get up to speed on their new storage location to practically zero. Not only is cloud storage easier for end-users, it’s simpler to administer as well. Need more storage space? No need to configure and bring up a new server—instead, you’ll simply need to up your storage plan with your cloud storage provider and allow them to maintain, manage and support your business needs quickly and efficiently.


Just as you can scale up quickly, you can scale down just as quickly. If you have a cyclical business or one that is in the early stages of growth and you’re still having some rocky months, the ability to add or reduce cloud storage quickly and easily is a true boon. With most providers, you don’t have to worry overmuch about going over your negotiated plan, as many build overage charges right into your Master Services Agreement.

Mobility, Enabled

Today’s workforce is exceptionally mobile, and demands the options of working from home, working on the road, working on the beach or from the coffee shop. No matter where your workers are, they can keep their data at their fingertips with cloud storage options. No more worries about emailing files to yourself or making sure you grab the virtual files that you need before heading out for a few days of R&R; instead, you can simply access the files that you need from wherever you are located, and on nearly any device under the sun. You’re also able to access files across devices, and see the changes that you made on your desktop on your iPad almost as soon as the change has been made.

Cost Savings

When you’re looking at the overall cost of cloud storage, it’s important to keep in mind the reduced overhead expenses you’re experiencing, often due to the reduced administrative overhead created when users are able to make their own logins. Validating user logins is much more time-effective than creating them from scratch and allows your technology team time to consider the various options needed to drive future growth. When you remove the massive capital expenditures from your budget, you can recognize significant cost savings as well as potentially reducing overhead in the form of support personnel as you continue down the path towards cloud computing. Productivity is also likely to go up as users no longer have to spend their time looking around their computer, desktop, shared server or other locations in order to find exactly the file that they needed.

No Loss of Data

When you have multiple people working in the same file structure, there is always a potential for data loss. Fortunately, cloud storage negates that issue, as you’re often able to view unlimited versions of a file and undelete—or restore—files to their various locations. Also, if you’re living in a part of the country that’s prone to snowstorms or other extraordinary acts of nature, you can still quickly and easily access the data you need to keep your business online.

Smaller businesses may be slower to adapt to cloud computing, but there are significant benefits to be had for businesses of any size, including mobility, convenience and the overall cost of ownership for your data storage.

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