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Four Cloud Services in Canada

With more and more users looking to store their ever increasing digital data safely, Canada has seen an increase in cloud storage service providers. Read on to find out some of the top providers in the country.

CenturyLink Cloud Storage

This cloud storage provider offers various data storage packages designed to cater to the different needs of users. The simplest package allows users to specify the files to be stored so as to make the operation as efficient as possible. Clients looking for a managed solution also have their own suitable option. This comes with a variety of solutions meant to make the cloud storage endeavor as valuable and useful as possible.

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Telus Cloud Storage

Another highly ranked cloud storage provider in Canada, Telus offers different storage plans depending on the needs of their clients. By choosing to store your data with Telus, you get to benefit from a wide choice of data storage plans as well as high speed transmission networks for timely data storage and access. Telus cloud storage services also recognize the need for maintaining a backup to the stored data to avoid any loss in case of any widespread calamities.

RackForce Cloud Storage

Rackforce offers scalable cloud storage services for both users with just a few devices to large corporations with a huge collection of different devices through RackForce Cloud Backup – Express. Their minimum paid storage account starts at 100GB. Users can add all their devices to the account and get the storage process started immediately. RackForce also employs great security features for all the data during transmission and storage.

More information: Rackforce cloud services overview

Rogers Cloud Storage

Rogers cloud storage is made up of data storage centers all located within Canada. They offer clients the ability to scale operations up or down as needed with unlimited storage capabilities. Clients can access custom configured storage facilities to provide a perfect match to their specific needs and requirements. To keep data secure and avoid unprecedented data loss from calamities they rely on multiple backups as well as high grade firewalls.

More information: Rogers

Although it is often said that the Canadian cloud storage industry is lagging behind in comparison to other countries including the neighboring US, efforts are being made to correct the situation. Cloud storage providers are moving from solely offering their services to corporate clients to including simple packages for home users as well.
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